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So much learning… September 23, 2011

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On Wednesday, I spent about three hours reading all the class blogs and posting on those where I thought I had something knowledgable to add. I cannot get over how much I learned just from reading what other classmates were writing! I can honestly say that two classes into this course, I may have learned more applicable information than I have in most of the other courses combined!

I found myself very intrigue by twitter that night. Being new to this site, I hadn’t exactly discovered the “ins and outs” of how to use it, let alone where I might use this in my class. However, thanks to many of you, I found some amazing ideas. I started a list of things I thought I could do in my own classroom. Thus far the list is up around 30! That night, I sent out a tweet asking: What does water mean to you? and got some tweets back. This is great because our unit of study in Science right now is water and I plan on showing my students how we can tweet people for their thoughts and opinions.

I also sent out a tweet asking for ideas for lessons on Pythagorean theorem and immediately got a great site from a classmate. I used this site the next day in class and also sent it home in my daily emails for the parents to watch. I love that I did not have to spend countless hours searching the Internet.

After Wednesday, I have decided that my school goal this year is going to be using technology in my classroom in as many ways as possible. I am not going to limit myself by being extremely specific on what I plan to do because I think I will get ideas weekly and maybe even daily. I plan on keeping a journal or log book of all that I have done or used so that in future years, I can refer back and also at the end of the year I can look back and know that I accomplished my goal! I am also thinking of somehow making this my major project for this class, but I haven’t quite figured out how. If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to know.

I still have some reservations about twitter in the classroom. I do not want my students to know my twitter name so I am thinking of opening a school account. I am also concerned that parents might be worried about the fact that I am exposing their children to yet another social networking site. While I see the educational value of it, I am worried that students will then use this application without parent consent or knowledge. I still had students in my class whose parents did not allow an email account and so I doubt that twitter is something they want their children on. Thoughts or suggestions? I would also love any other suggestions for ways to use it in the classroom and thanks to all those who already posted the ones that got me started!


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  1. In terms of your goals, here is some advice.

    1) Instead of using technology as much as possible, do it incrementally. As you learn more about technology, bring this into your classroom, try something new in your practice, and try to replace old practice. If you try too much at once, it may be overwhelming to you and your students. Also, let them help!

    2) Don’t think too much about Twitter in the classroom. Instead, think about Twitter for your own professional development and learning. You’ve seen just by reading others in this class, you’ve learned much. Think about that outside of class, outside of institutional learning, and just something that is part of your personal routine. As you grow, you will become a better learner and teacher for your students.

    Thanks for your post!

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