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Frustration Reigns September 28, 2011

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I am sitting here trying so hard to save a google doc, transfer a QR code, find my favourites on twitter, figure out tweet deck and for the life of me, nothing is working. I feel like the least literate in regards to technology in the class. I am so frustrated. How I’m supposed to get my students on board and their parents when I can’t even figure out the basics is beyond me. The worst thing is that one of my grade 8s keeps asking me if he can help or do it for me. I keep refusing because I want to figure this out and learn, but he just said “Mme, I can’t help you if you don’t even know what’s wrong.” I am going to walk away before I throw this laptop.


7 Responses to “Frustration Reigns”

  1. Did you get most of these issues figured out? If not, I’d be very happy to help you.

  2. lorenaleibel Says:

    I couldn’t help but giggle as I read your post. I have been caught by my students on a number of occasions this week grunting at the computer, begging it to “work”. I feel your pain…so many social networking tools to use but yet I am having trouble wrapping my head around just one. Let’s keep plugging away, eventually we will experience our “ah ha” moment…lets just hope it happens before one of us looses a laptop!

  3. kjehman Says:

    Hey, Sarah, if it makes you feel better you should have been at my house when our 8 year old showed me and his computer science teaching dad how get my Blackberry tablet synced with my phone and computer! Only he could remember my App world password! lol! That being, said, as I have expressed numerous times, I too feel overwhelmed with the juggling act of managing all this media!

  4. […] ahead, embrace your frustration!  Celebrate!  You’re learning!!!! After reading Sarah’s post about how frustrated she is, the mother in me kicked in and became my inspiration for this […]

  5. lbechard Says:

    I hear you! Sounds like you’ve given yourself a tall order. How about cutting yourself some slack and focusing on only one of those skills/tasks? I’m familiar with many of these tools but still find I can only focus on skill development on one each day or each time.

    Embrace the willingness of your students to help. I think you set a great example of continuous learning for your students. What better model for them to see than their teacher seeking ways to continue learning. It sounds wonderful that you have students (at that age) who are willing to help out… great citizenship opportunity and prompt for a class discussion about giving back!

    Hang in there!

    • lbechard Says:

      Oh… I forgot to mention… read your tag line! Live. Laugh. Love. Learn….

      It also sounds like you are learning! When something feels uncomfortable and you are frustrated, it’s usually because you are in the learning process. As we develop skills, we move from a level where we are unconsciously incompetent (that’s where were before he even heard about some of these tools) to a place where we are consciously incompetent (now we know we have no clue) than to consciously competent (we can do it if we concentrate on it) and finally to the goal where we are unconsciously competent and we can do it without thinking. Sounds like you are somewhere in phases 2 & 3… that’s where frustration reigns!

      • Sarah Says:

        Thanks so much for your blog and comments. It is helpful. I was thinking to myself that it was like learning to ride a bike but right now I feel highly incompetant. I walked away and will resume my learning and blogging tonight when there is peace and quiet in my home.

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