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I know so little… October 2, 2011

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My goal today was to download TweetDeck, play around with it and see how it works. Last night, I watched a comprehensive tutorial on youtube about TweetDeck. I was not sure I understood the utility of this application, but since everyone was talking about it, thought I should give it a try! Well, download complete,  signed up for twitter and facebook. After navigating around a bit I ended up on a site that has the top 12 Web 2.0 applications according to four people I don’t know. I navigated this page as well. And while all these applications seem really cool I have no idea what they are for let alone how to use it. I have come to one conclusion: I should have taken Alec’s Web 2.0 class that I keep hearing and reading about! Even as I type this, my computer keeps chirping at me and popups are occurring! Again, I feel like my students lost in a lesson (one that I am sure is so easy to master)! I am going to keep going with this but would love (again) some explanations about TweetDeck and what I should be using it for. And, if you know anything about Web 2.0 and all that, let me know too!


2 Responses to “I know so little…”

  1. Sarah,

    I tried both TweetDeck & HootSuite and I didn’t care for either one of them. My recommendation is to give each tool you try a fair shake, but don’t force yourself to like something. I tried really hard to like TweetDeck, because everyone else I spoke with,( or read), seemed to love it, but it just wasn’t for me. I prefer to monitor Twitter with the list feature and check it periodically, or to use the search feature and specifically look for something. I understand there is the “back channel” info I miss, but if people tag their tweets with a hashtag, I’ll probably stumble across them at some point.

    I’ll let someone who likes TweetDeck explain what they like and how they use it, but for me, it was an unnecessary tool that didn’t provide me with any additional service I didn’t already receive from Twitter.

  2. Honni L Says:

    If you figure out how to work TweatDeck be sure to pass on the information. I have managed to use it but I still have no idea how really. I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and I find it very convenient when it comes to seeing any messages that have been sent my way via mentions. I have also somehow managed to get the two main chats that I follow to appear also (but I have truly no idea how that happened). I can share one thing that I found out though. When the chats that you follow show up they appear on the left side of the screen. If you click on the arrows at the bottom, you can rearrange them in the order that you want. I know am able to see the stuff that interests me as soon as I open the page. Good luck and have fun.

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