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Lion King October 2, 2011

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This afternoon, I took my sons the Lion King in 3D. I was struck by two things while watching this Disney Favourite. The first was how big of a difference 1.5 years can make for a child’s understanding of technology. My four-year old son wore the 3D glasses and really enjoyed how the birds seemed to fly at him and the fire rose to meet him. However, my two-year old could not understand why we were making him watch a movie with “sunglasses” on! He just couldn’t realize there was a difference in the picture quality and chose to “watch” the movie without glasses. I thought how similar him and I were; when we first got HD TV my husband was immediately in love with it where I could not tell the difference, nor did I care.

The second thing that “struck me” is when Simba is having some “sense knocked into him.” Rafiki says: “change is good.” And Simba points out that “it’s not easy.” I couldn’t help but relate this back to my current situation in this class. I want so bad for this change to be easy. I just want to be able to understand the technology and it’s applications. But, as someone recently pointed out to me with all my health issues, sometimes there isn’t an easy way out and we just need to be dedicated and put in the time and effort. I know this is true, it’s just hard to accept. Maybe I need my own real-life version of Rafiki to knock me on the head! The winds are changing, we must learn from the past, so what are we going to do about it?


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