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Delicious October 3, 2011

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So lately, I have found myself struggling with some basic concepts, technology and applications. I have really been thinking that it would have been better it I had taken Alec’s Web 2.0 class first and then taken this journey. However, as I learned yesterday from my movie experience with my sons, that’s in the past and I can’t change it. So I have been watching A LOT of youtube tutorials (twitter, tweetdeck, flickr and delicious). I have figured some things out and am very grateful for two colleagues, in my building, who are also in this class. These ladies have allowed me to ask questions and learn from their knowledge. Some times they don’t have a clue either but so far we have managed to figure a few things. It amazes me how incredible empowering figuring out simple things can be! So far I have signed up for tweetdeck and am following a few trends- notice that I am even using some lingo! I finally figured out delicious and have moved my favourites into this bookmarking site, even managed to add some tags! And, lastly, I have an IT consultant from my school board coming out to walk me through my classroom blog setup as well as some flickr and google reader questions.

Here’s the thing. As I was setting up my delicious account, I came across a favourite entitled “When you’re the stupidest person in the room.” I don’t know what this site was for; visited it and still nothing! But I did think it was suiting because that is how I have been feeling lately. Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with all the amazing people in my class, who are constantly helping me out, just more of my inability to catch on or figure things out quicker!

But this is a positive post! I have accomplished things and will continue to do so. Who knows, maybe I will even walk someone through one of these processes?


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  1. Awesome – you’re doing well. You’re coming along. And you are learning many things along the way! Keep it at, and you’ll do fine, and miles ahead of where you were a few months ago.

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