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Who am I? October 16, 2011

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Since starting this class, and perhaps even since I began my Masters, I have often found myself thinking about who am I. What I have come to realize is that every person wears many hats. I am no exception to this. In the beginning, I was a daughter, sister and friend. I have since evolved to teacher, wife, learner, mother, and administrator. I also wear the hat of reader, scrapbooker, dancer and perhaps counsellor. I know there are even some titles I have forgotten.

On Sept. 27, 2011, in class Dr. Schweir brought up the concept of multiple selves. For some reason, it has been a concept I have been thinking about since then. I keep asking myself: Who am I? When making decisions I find myself wondering which hat I am wearing and which hat is the most influential. Lately, I have been struggling between who I am as an educator and who I am as a parent. Honestly and truly, you cannot really understand the job of a parent until you become one! Too often, as educators, we judge what parents are or are not doing at home and blaming them for their child’s behaviour. But seriously, who am I to judge. I am doing the best job I can at home with my children and the reality is that these little humans are always born with their own personality and most of the time, we cannot control them!

Anyway, back to me! I have been thinking about who I am when I am online, when I am in the class, when I am in the office, when I am teaching dance and when I am parenting. This whole time, I have believed that I am a little bit of a different person in each role. This lead me to question who do I want to be when I am online, on  this blog and on facebook, twitter and other applications of social media. I was wondering how much of my “true” self I wanted to “put out there.” The reality is that all of these people are me. I am one. Therefore, the person that I put online is still the same person I am as I sit here and rock my 2 year-old to sleep with an ear infection. These are just small parts of myself. Maybe I am starting to put the pieces together?

What do you think? Are we putting out different pieces of ourselves or are all these pieces the same?


4 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. lmorhart Says:

    I believe we are putting out different pieces of who we are. We are one person but we have many facets. We turn on different parts of ourselves for different occasions.

    I think that the digital version of ourselves sometimes can be more outspoken and bold than our day to day self. And the great thing about the digital world is that you can decide how much of yourself you want to put out there each day.

  2. onepercentyellow Says:

    Who am I <——- the road-sign that alerts you to the birth of a new self.

    As a parent, you must see this all the time! Your little ones don new selves almost as quickly as their tasks change – artist, baker, nurse, parent, dinosaur…. It's exciting to watch them, especially when they're little, as they move fluidly between selves – building on some and allowing others only a brief moment of existence (though some stay dinosaurs longer than others). I think once we grow up and invest time in certain aspects of ourselves, we forget that self at any given moment is a speck on a continuum of infinite proportions. When we ask "who am I" it's a moment of broadening our view of the entire spectrum. It's like discovering a new colour in the rainbow.

  3. gcyrenne Says:

    I know that as an administrator I do wear many different hats throughout the day. Although now that I do not really have a class that I teach anymore, I find my hats are fewer than last year. As the prinicipal I still want to have connections to students but it has to come in other ways than teaching in a room. I think throughout our life depending on what situations we are in we put out different parts of ourselves, but all are connected to the root of who we are. We cannot change the core of ourselves but I do decide how much of myself I want to share. And typically it is a lot, no filter here!

  4. I have asked myself the very question you pose; “Who am I?” I became very interested in this question when I received my division blackberry and discovered my digital qr identity. i thought, “this is me – a barcode!” A great, thought-provoking post. Thanks, Dean.

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