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Step 2 October 24, 2011

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Today, the students did their very first blog post- About me. At this point I am still screening all posts and approving all comments as well. One thing I am struggling with is the spelling, grammar and structure of the student posts. I don’t know how far I need to correct them before they post. Some students have few mistakes and others have so many I can’t understand what they are saying. I know this will be worse in French! Instead of submitting the blog, I am just going to have them raise their hands and I will read so they can make corrections right then and there. I don’t like having to read the post and email the student changes. I do know that I can make corrections and revisions, but at the same time I do not feel like this is my job, my place or helping the students learn. I am wondering what other teachers do for their blogging students?

I took some pictures today of my students (as seen above with permission from his parent). They were so engaged! After blogging, we used the computer for Science. The students needed to find 3 French definitions and examples. It was really nice to see them doing research in French and working together to create working definitions. I am definitely going to have to get them all set up and used to using google docs because the panic at the end of the class to save the Word document and then email it home to themselves is just too ridiculous.

Presently, I have two laptop carts in my room with 26 computers charging. I know I am supposed to share with the school but if no one else books them out, I might just house them permanently!


4 Responses to “Step 2”

  1. Great start. I know that spelling and grammar will be important, but I think you will have to weigh this with the fact that they are writing. As a former English teacher, I found that just getting students to write, period, was the most important piece. Grammar and spelling will improve with the more practice they get writing & reading.

    Great start!

  2. Chelsi Says:

    Oh, I also wanted to add that I think it’s great that you’re setting the students up with Google Docs. I have been wanting to do that this year, so I’m excited to hear how it goes for you. I’ve previously always used Dropbox. However, our school computers had Word 2010, and their home computers did not, so they were always having issues opening their documents. We also have a global server, but the steps to have the kids save to it and access their work are extremely tedious.

  3. Chelsi Says:

    I sounds like you’re off to a great start with your project! I have been wondering about assessing blogs as well. When I first started my classroom blog a few years ago, students were posting in “text speak” with copious explanation marks, emoticons, and no proofreading whatsoever. I viewed it as their inability to shift gears from messaging friends, to writing ‘formally’. Now, when I introduce them to the class blog, I use the data projector to show them positive examples of well-written blog responses containing proper writing mechanics. I don’t want to stifle them, but I also informed them that when they post things online, they are showing the world how they write and respond, and that they have to remember that they are writing for an audience now. Their writing improved ten-fold. However, like you, my students still make typical grammar and spelling mistakes, the same way that they would in their pen-and-paper writing. I’m interested to see if anyone else has editing tips. Having the students raise their hands and help them edit their posts will be very beneficial, I’m sure, but it will also be difficult for you to do on a daily basis!

  4. Honni L Says:

    Sounds like a great start! I say go ahead and house them in your classroom. They are simply taking up space in the hallway and if you are going to use them on a daily basis, then it makes sense to have them where they will be used. Honestly, if someone was to need them, they still have to book them and walking the extra few steps to your classroom to get them isn’t that far. Maybe this way the system will see that they are being used frequently and we will get more money for technology this way.

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