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My first twitter debate November 2, 2011

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Tonight I shared my opinion on a youtube video where a young girl was being beaten for disrespecting her parents (father happens to be a judge). I was shaken when a member of the Saskatchewan Roughrider’s tweeted that just because the dad beat the daughter didn’t mean he didn’t love her. I tweeted back that it was wrong no matter the reason and the debate went on from there. In fact we are still tweeting as I write this blog! The content of the debate isn’t what amazes me most but rather the fact that I am able to SHARE my opinion and hopefully EDUCATE someone I don’t know via a social media tool. The concept of education via social media has so many possibilities. I am proud that I was maybe able to point out some facts and challenge someone’s thinking. For so long, I have thought that this was only possible within the four walls of my class, in my family and perhaps among friends. However, I feel like I am now a “card-carrying member” of twitter having really voiced my opinion on something that matters to me! Anyone else have experiences like this?


One Response to “My first twitter debate”

  1. Awesome – I’m so glad that you didn’t just sit back, but went and challenged those notions. I know that Twitter ‘debates’ can often end really poorly (get heated, with little learning), but it’s important that people do stand up for their beliefs as well as listen to the views of others.

    I’m glad that you felt confident enough to voice your thoughts on this important issue. Well done.

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