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YQR Tweet up November 16, 2011

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As I was driving to work today, thinking about last night’s amazing session with Alan Levine (more to come), I was also still thinking about this digital community we have formed. In only three short weeks (sad to be done yet elated), this class will end. I know that most of us, having formed some great digital bonds will remain in contact; blogging, tweeting etc. Then on the radio, CBC with Sheila Coles, I heard about a group of people on Twitter who decided to meet in person. The event is called the YQR tweet up. The organizer said this was a way for people to chat in more than 140 characters. Imagine that! The experience would be one similar to meeting  with friends since you have connected, know each other, have helped each other etc, just never actually met. I thought it was an interesting concept. What do you think?


2 Responses to “YQR Tweet up”

  1. I have been to a number of tweetups in many cities – they are usually a lot of fun. Funny that I’ve never been to one here. Hmmm.

    However, we do have the University of Regina Social Media Users Group (URSMUG) – you are welcome to show up anytime! 🙂

  2. Chelsi Says:

    The YQR Tweet Up sounds really neat and I agree, it’s a very interesting concept! It would be great to meet up with some of the people in our own community one day. (Maybe some of us will meet up at the Regina Teachers’ Convention in the spring!) It’s so interesting how many of us have gotten to “know” each other in our class this fall, yet have never met face to face.

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