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Success November 24, 2011

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As this class comes to a close, I am, like a lot of classmates, saddened by the end.  As I have posted on some blogs, I take this as my beginning. I have learned so much, and especially since I am now done my Master’s, I can’t wait to apply this new learning. For my major digital project, I wanted to get my students involved in Social Media, and therefore decided to get them blogging as well. With a lot of bumps (and bruises on my part) I have this blog page up and running. At one point, I posted a blog about success (which really served as an outline for the students next assignment). Most of the students completed this assignment and had great thoughts, ideas and opinions to share. But here is success to me. I have a student who is difficult to motivate and get his assignments done. However, he loves technology and has really come a long way in the few short weeks I have encouraged him to bring his laptop to school. Here is success. I think by reading his blog post, you will understand.


5 Responses to “Success”

  1. Jonah’s blog was well-written and exciting for a teacher to read! I am still struggling to have them write that amount and connect what we are learning to their own lives so I’m inspired to keep trying. Congratulations on being finished your Masters!

  2. lorenaleibel Says:

    Congrats on completing your masters AND on the success of your students blogging! The bumps and bruises are all worth it in the end!

  3. Honni L Says:

    Thanks for linking that to Jonah’s blog post. That was very well written. It is amazing to see what technology can do for a student who doesn’t think they can do it otherwise. It is great to see something like this. Well done Sarah!

  4. Helping your students reflect and write like that is a fabulous achievement. What a great life-long skill!

  5. tmemann Says:

    I am so grateful for this post! Thank you! I just received approval (after some major advocating for the cause!) to pilot a class blog in our district and I am so excited. I also know there will be bumps and challenges along the way. When I read Jonah’s post I was once again reminded of the value of blogging with students. I left him a comment because it was like he was reading my mind when he wrote about there is no right and wrong in blogging and using emotion in blog posts. You are inspiring as I start the trek of classroom blogging. I will be following you as you pave the way. Thanks! 🙂

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