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Major Digital Project December 6, 2011

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For my final project, I had my students start a blog about their learning. I have been encouraging the parents and family members to become involved as well. Luckily, and thanks, to my PLN, I have had many classmates and some people I have never even met- even in the virtual world- comment on their blogs. They have loved this experience and are excited to continue with it after Christmas. I wrote my reflections here in my blog as well as in a google document. Please feel free to read and share your thoughts. I also put together many websites on this blog page. The pages I added are ones that I feel are especially useful for me as a classroom teacher, but I hope that others will also use these sites in their own teaching. Lastly, I put together a google document about twitter and all its many uses in education. I have shared this with my staff and division and I hope to continue expanding on it after Christmas.


Thanks so much to everyone for contributing to my learning this semester. I hope to continue our discussions in the New Year!


One Response to “Major Digital Project”

  1. Just as a future reference, you may want to link to your blog page in this post – I had to look hard to find it again.

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