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Digital Citizenship November 14, 2011
This site is a great link for educators and parents alike. It has a great 8.5 minute video about teens and technology. Explanations are clear and applicable. The site also has topics to discuss with kids when using technology. A great starting point for digital citizenship.

2. Digital Citizenship Continuum

From Living Sky School Division, this continuum outlines what students, teachers, and parents should know and do when it come to responsible use, communication, safety, education, and access of social media and online resources.

3. Everything I need to know about Social Media…

Angela Maiers blogs about the do’s and don’ts of social media with theme of Robert Fulgrum.

4. Sexting and teens

This article discusses the difficult topics of teens texting and sexting. Included are human rights issues, statistics, roles of parents and educators.

5. Mary Beth Hertz

This is a blog post on edutopia dealing with digital citizenship. It includes tools for lessons, on-line learning, digital learning and on-line communities.

6. 15 resources

This is a very comprehensive site with 15 great sites to use for digital citizenship and literacy. Great ideas included from Danah Boyd and Commonsensemedia. Really worth checking these out.


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