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Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout it October 8, 2011

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson by stevegarfield, on Flickr
Most recently I have been very dissatisfied and quite disturbed by my regular radio station, Z99. I am noticing more and more, especially with my children, that their music is typically sexually explicit and very inappropriate for children and youth alike. The other day my four year-old, who remembers and repeats everything, told me that he heard damn, bitch and ass on the radio. Great! Therefore I have resigned myself to either listening to Raffi or CBC radio.

Tribute to Michael Jackson (Wallpaper) by guidosportaal, on Flickr

Today, I decided to improve my French skills and listen to Radio- Canada. I was honestly a little shocked that the radio show to which I had tuned in was discussing Web 2.0. That’s right. Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout it! I also have to admit that at times, I found myself lost in the technology lingo. I don’t often speak tech in French. The topic of conversation was digital eulogies. More specifically, thanks to Web 2.0, how we are able to participate in tributes to those who have passed and to acknowledge their importance to us. We are in essence creating a community of mourners. Specific examples of this are when Michael Jackson, Jack Layton and of course more recently Steve Jobs passed away.

The disk jockey put the question out: How did you commemorate Steve Jobs using Web 2.0? Here are some of the most common answers:

– saw that he died on my iphone, which is a tribute to him!

– sent tweets out on twitter

– posted a status update on facebook

– watched youtube videos of him, and quoted his sayings

I have to admit that I did not even know who Steve Jobs was until he died. *Insert horrified GASP here.* I know this is probably ridiculous to some, but please keep in mind I am relatively new to this whole Web 2.0 world and until a month and a half ago did not even own an apple product. I do now appreciate who this man was and all the many things he did for us. Thanks to twitter and facebook, I was able to learn very quickly who he was and what that means to society. This was my tribute to him- new knowledge, appreciation and now application of his tools.

My first question to all of you, is how did you commemorate  or pay tribute to Steve Jobs?

At the end of the radio show, there was a brief discussion about twitter. It was more like tips about twitter. There was something about ffs? I think this was explained as Friday follows. If anyone knows anything more about this, let me know.

Secondly, the speaker said users should limit the amount of people they follow. He said that if you follow too many people the conversations get missed and so does meaning due to lack of context.

Lastly, he said that all users should share, advise and inform but leave room for retweets. Now that I am more knowledgeable and comfortable with twitter, and would love any other pointers or suggestions.