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Websites October 26, 2011

Here are some great links, with explanations.

Why blog?

This page gives four great reasons why to blog. The four main points in favour of blogging are: it offers the writer a medium for thinking, offers a world-wide audience, is a great tool for dialogue and anyone can do it!

Blogging guidelines

I came across this page while on twitter. It has some great guidelines for blogging with students. I have sent this home with my parent letter and contract so that everyone is on the same page.

Student online safety

This article is thanks to a classmate who linked it on her page. It deals with issues of safety in social media, especially for older students. It has some great suggestions how to bring about awareness in social media, talk about difficult topics and handle inappropriate situations.

Snow Island

This link discusses the importance of social media in the classroom. Good responses on the blog as well.

20 ways to use Google

Here are 20 ways to use Google in the classroom. Includes instructions and tips.

Blogging benefits

Fifth grade teacher blogs about the benefits of blogging. A good way to get motivated and motivate others.


Detailed explanation from Mindshift why kids should know how to blog. Details and explanations are for present and future learners.

Beginning to blog

From Steven W. Anderson (@Web2.0Classroom) are the beginning steps to set up a blog. Parent letters, inserting pictures, glamourizing the site etc.


Having looked at this site, it really drives home the idea that a blog is a reflection space. For new and old bloggers, the reader is asked to reflect up the five W’s of blogging. There are also questions to reflect upon for the reader as a teacher blogger and self-reflection for students.

Teaching the Teacher

This site was designed to teach student-teachers how to blog with guidelines. I feel that the site is helpful for any new blogger, including students.


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